MAANGE Eyelashes

Post It Note Tuesday- I live at the hospital edition

Only Parent Chronicles

(sorry they aren't funny I cant bring myself to be cheerful)

(scared the shit out of him, I'm sure)

Hopefully 2011 will have better things waiting for me =)

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Eclipsed said…
Oh no that's terrible. I hope whatever the problem is they get it figured out soon!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I hope things clear up soon. You have really had tough Christmas.
Thanks guys I see my Surgeon tomorrow so hopefully he has some answers for me
Jessica said…
Stopping by from the hop - sending you wishes of heath and wellness!
Di said…
Oh man! You have had an awful month. I hope you get some answers and feel better soon!
Kelly said…
Oh you poor thing! I hope your feeling better ASAP!!
Joy said…
How awful!! I am sending get well prayers your way now! let us know how things are going for you and how we should pray for you!
dthaase said…
I came across your site through the homeschool hop and thought I would share a creative writing site for kids (and adults) that I have just set up - come and see the "I Wonder Chronicles for literacy and creativity" - use the prompts and add to the wonder!

more here:
Renegades said…
I've had that feeling I'm still breathing so I can't be dead.

Hope you are feeling better now.