PYHO w/ Shell

I'm linking up today w/ Shell from Things I Cant Say for PYHO, it's the last of 2010 and I have a few things to say to some people.

To my Husband- I cant thank you enough for all the things you have done to help me over the past couple weeks. You are truly an angel and I love you more than you will ever know. It's good to know you took the "through sickness and health" part of the vows serious and I appreciate that so much. I <3 you!

To my kids- I couldn't ask for more brighter kids than you. Weve had our crazy days of you being monsters and I might call you Gremlins but over the past year you have grown in to wonderful little people and Mommy loves you.

Mom- you drinking again gets on my nerves, your gonna kill yourself and don't even care. Time to wake up, it isnt about you , you have grand kids that want a Grandma.

Jackie- I can never thank you enough for stepping up and watching the kids all week while I was in the hospital. I know how hard they can be esp when you have your own kid. THANK YOU

Blog Readers- I love you, you guys have helped me thru many days and are truly like family now. I let you in to my home and you did the same. I might not always have time to comment but know if I follow you, I read what you post. You guys are great friends and I'm glad I met you.

FB Friends- Thank you for all your kind words, it's appreciated and when you say your praying for me, I believe it.

To anyone I haven't covered- I hope only positive things come out 2011 for you and yours. I hope everyone has  a great New Years and thanks for following =)


Renegades said…
I need to leave my husband a huge thank you too. Thanks for the reminder.

As for your Mom. My biological father died in November he's had a drinking problem most of his life. It does kill a person. May she find the strength to quit.
Shell said…
Love how you included everyone!

I hope that your mom does wake up and realize what she is doing. I have a parent with an addiction and it has cost him his grandchildren b/c I will not allow him around them.
Kim said…
I think we're all on the same track today because my post is about how negligent I can be with my husband.
CB said…
I love you too bitch... Even if I am a bit offended that I wasn't called out specifically in some form!!!!

(It could've been 'Hey Hooker- Love you! But no....)