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Tot School

Thomas 17.5 months

Tot School

The past couple weeks we have been working on TJ's vocabulary as well as some of his motor skills. We recently bought some mats and have been working on learning to do flips and jumping.

Fine Motor Skills

Play dough
Building Blocks
Stealing all the red

Gross Motor Skills

Teaching TJ how to flip

Mats from Amazon
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Ange said…
How soft are the mats? I think we need some of those for our boys.
They remind me of the Gymnastics mats, they arent to hard. The kids use them for flips I wish I would have bought more now
Free2bMommy said…
hey girl!!! I just moved into a new house and have not had internet until yesterday!!! Ive missed ya!!! I am back in comission, so just wanted to check in with you!!