Truth or Dare

Boy do I have some fun for us. Ange and her sidekick Jason have decided to be cool enough to start a game of truth or dare..aren't you excited?

Names Will Not Be Changed To Protect The Innocent

and they think i'm crazy


Make a post w/ a truth or dare and go link up on her page. They will do them in the order they are received. Jason has a good job so he cant do nothing illegal so dont ask him to take a picture tokin his bong cause he cant nor will he be able to tell you about the time him and all his friends got drunk and ..... you get my point

Anyhow back to my dare. I will let them play 3 games of paper, rock, scissors, to see who will have to do it. 
Once a loser is established  I DARE them to let the winner paint "Crisc Rocks" on the thier back w/ self tanner. I would prefer if it was the dark kind that the jersey shore wanna-be's use like this

They are welcoming others that have the balls to do some T or D's w/ them..are you gutsy enough?




Ange said…
Checked off the list!