MAANGE Eyelashes

Letter Q

This week we did so much to make up for the time lost from my surgery and winter break.  In this post I'll show how we start off class on Mondays and what we do through the week.

(Every Monday we do our letter vine and sea of fish to familiarize the letter)
ABC Vine

Color letter fish

and glue it in the Sea (you can also see the felt sticky fish on the wall that each week I change the letter)

Letter Q color and glue w/s

Color the Qq's worksheet

Trace the Q's worksheet




She goes to the window and checks the weather

Then comes back and picks the card ***our calendar

Our ABC chart

I put Velcro on the back of the letter and on the chart and she matches them

(changes every week)

Monster Bowling

Mellisa & Doug Lacing Beads

Numbers 1-5

Paint Daddy a Birthday cake w/" Q" Tips

Pretend to be a Queen


Made a Color Changing Volcano w/ our Mind Blowing Science Kit

Something so little

Amazed her so much!


Ange said…
Love the lessons. I homeschool the kids a few times a year so we can sneak off from school and go on trips. I wish I had the patience to do it year round.
I imagine it being a lot harder for you w/ 3 boys and their ages. Right now were still in the easy time. I think once TJ starts my patience will fade some
blueviolet said…
You are so organized and you really have a lot of activities picked out for them. It doesn't matter how simple it is. I like to play with boxes, so simple works. :)
I got some great tips from this post. Should try and look for that volcano thing :)
Dorie said…
Great week ~ I especially like the sea of letters and letter vine, what neat ideas!
Aren't Melissa and Doug toys wonderful? We don't have the beads, but after seeing that set on your post, I may have to look into them. They look like a lot of fun.
Anonymous said…
That is one cute queen. Love the science experiment. How neat.
Thanks for the wonderful comments and for checking out our week =)
Joy said…
What an awesome week you had! Thanks for sharing your ideas and for joining in the Hop!