Letter R

This week we focused on potty training and the letter R. So many fun activities I wasn't sure which ones to do!

Activities for the week

As always we did our letter of the week color & glue worksheet

Rain color worksheet

Color The R Worksheet

Mellisa & Doug Pattern Blocks And Boards
R is for Rabbit

Clifford Learns to Read from Scholastic

 R is for Reading

Paint the Rainbow

* I put a couple different colors of paint down and gave her Q-Tips because she's very anal about getting her hands dirty

 R is for Rainbow

Shape Bingo

Letter R rice and glue activity

Draw Rr's with glue

Cover glue with rice

Then dump the rice off the sheet


TheRockerMom said…
Those are great letter R activities! I love the glue and rice Rr. Yet another great use for rice!! Thanks for sharing!
Jolanthe said…
I need to pull some qtips out for painting...always makes it more fun! :)
Anonymous said…
Great week! I love the rice R and yay on potty training! (stopping by from Preschool Corner)
Anonymous said…
That looks like some great R fun!
Rebecca said…
Love the R rice picture!
Pamela said…
I like the painting with qtips...we have to try that! I am off to read your post on potty training, we are having a REALLY difficult time here and I need some fresh tips!
Anonymous said…
I like the rice art. Good idea.
Anita said…
Dropping by from Hip Homeschool Hop! Enjoy this time with your little one. It goes by fast!!