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Letter S

This week since there were so many fun activities for the letter S, I decided to combine TJ's Tot School w/ Heavens Preschool post.

Heaven is 32 Months
Thomas is 18 1/2 Months

Letter S Activities

I cant remember where I saw this fun activity but w/ all the snow we got it was perfect. We put some snow on a cookie sheet and gave them some cars to "drive in the snow" (TJ wasn't a fan of this activity)

Count, stack and sort poker chips

Letter S color and glue w/s

Drew a snow man and filled him in with marshmallows

Paint the stars

After, I hung them up on the new wire we put up, thanks to Successful Homeschooling for posting such awesome tips from other bloggers

We also tried a Science project that didn't work as planned. We tried to make rock candy but ended up with orange sugar water.

next time I'll put them upright like it says

We filled containers with snow and hid colored noodles and had them dig them out

I had a star tray so I mixed food coloring with the water and made them colored stars to play with in a Ziplock bag till they melted.

and to finish off  the week TJ worked on building when Heaven went to Grandma's house.

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Ange said…
You're such an awesome mom!
Mommy Sarah said…
Followed over from the Tot School link-up! I love the idea of putting snow on a tray and driving cars through it, very cute!
Anonymous said…
Cute idea with the stars! I may give it a try this week.
melismama said…
Stopping over from the HHH today! New follower here! Love that marshmallow project...we did it with cotton balls...but your way looks like more fun!

esther said…
Great ideas! We're going to do the snowman marshmallow craft today!

Stopping by on the Hip Homeschool Hop from Homeschool Science!
Jennifer said…
I knew you had to learn early how to drive in the snow. Here, road signs announce "bridge may ice in cold weather" and in the rare event of snow no one drives. That looks like a fun way to play in the snow and stay warm. I linked over from the Hip Homeschool Hop and am now following your blog.