MAANGE Eyelashes

Letter T

Get ready to see some AWESOME letter T activities! I had so much fun this week and I'm sure the kids did as well. 

Traffic Light Craft

Eating the paint sponge

Make A Train Out Of A Diaper Box

Letter T Tissue Paper Craft


Vinegar/Baking Soda

Color Changing Water Experiment

  Slime (Cornstarch,Water, Food Coloring)
**JJ even took part in this one.

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sara said…
Is it sad that I want to do most of those activities myself?
Anonymous said…
Wow! So much fun this week. We just so happen to have a diaper box...time to climb aboard. My parents owned a restaurant when we were kids and we got the hugest boxes to play with. So much fun!
Anonymous said…
What a great week of fun!
How fun are you?! This is great - I bet your kids had a great time. Love the crafts!!

thanks for linking up to The Preschool Parade - HSV!!
Simply Mel said…
Stopping by from Preschool Parade. These are awesome activities. I especially like the letter T ones as we'll be doing letter T soon!
jess_hak said…
Love the diaper box to train craft! We have so many random diaper boxes hanging around this house...guess I know what to use a few for. Thanks :)
Mozer said…
Your diaper box train turned out great! Visiting from the HSV!
Mozi Esmé said…
That slime looks awesome!

I love how you incorporated the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree into "T" week - very creative... Some great T ideas here!
What sweet turtles!

Jessy (HHH)
Lizzie said…
How wonderful! I miss those days. Your littles are so precious. Enjoy! Stopped by from the HHH. :)
Ewa said…
Your crafts are great. It looks like you had a busy week. Hugs. Ewa