MAANGE Eyelashes

Letter U

Thomas 20 months

This week we mixed it up a bit due to not to many U activities for little ones.

Letter U Activities 

Glue an umbrella and put drops of glue

 and sprinkle glitter to make rain
 Dust off...

Underwater picture

Find the Letter U w/s

Letter U fish bowl picture

Fun Activities 

Grow Capsules

Train Time with Daddy

Shaving Cream Fun

Pop Rocks Science Experiment 

 Making Bread

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Love you umbrella activity and I know my little one would enjoy it! Thanks for sharing! Kerri
TheRockerMom said…
The underwater scene is adorable! Thanks for sharing!
Ticia said…
I love the idea of glitter rain.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
JDaniel loves those capsules.
kewkew said…
I also love your glitter rain/umbrella activity. U was definitely a hard letter. A couple things we did were upside down (with the benefit of being able to make homemade/from scratch upside down cake) and an underground U
Gotta try your science experiment, my hubby, I mean my kids will love it.
Mommy Sarah said…
Followed over from the tot school link-up. I have an almost 18 month old so it nice to get more ideas! Looks like a fun week! :)
LaDonna said…
Looks like fun! Confessions of a Homeschooler has some cute letter U activities.
Fiona said…
Love the Umbrella and the underwater pictures-very creative!
Rebecca said…
That pop rocks experiment looks realy cool! And i also love the idea of using glitter for the rain.