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PINT-Facebook Fail Edition

Only Parent Chronicles

Feels good to let it out, feel free to share your Facebook pet peeves I'd love to hear them =)

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sHeNgKaY said…
hahahaha!..your right! and I agree with all post it note..

care to visit mine?
sara said…
5 more reasons I have no interest in Facebook!
LMBO you are so right. I hate when people do #3.
Well said!! HAppy PINT- following you now- hope to see you by my place soon!
csmsand said…
I love this! And we all know those people that do this.
Thanks for the laugh.
I'm following you from FMBT.
Shell said…
Facebook annoys me any more. I'll check it for blogs, but I try to ignore my personal one with all the updates.
Anonymous said…
OMGGGGGG! Yes! I feel you. I know a few who literally will tell you what they are doing from minute to minute..I find it insanely annoying!
Kirsten said…
I could not agree more! I do have to admit that I posted quite a few things about my broken wrist, but not nearly as many as my hubby's cousin about her broken arm.
That One Mom said…
I am so rarely on my personal FB page, but I like my blog one. People are as obsessive about their status there. Maybe it's because we're all twitter junkies.