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Max Evel said…
Did someone say "BOOBS" ?
Miss Farrah definitely has them now so I thought I'd point em out..haha
blueviolet said…
No wonder people are clamoring to do reality shows these days!
June said…
The boobs will look like hell in another 5 years, she won't be a star and have the money to fix them... That is nothing to be jealous about.

Being 16 again, I will pass on that too!
Mommy Lisa said…
19 year old girls should not be getting boobs like NUTZ. Hate that show and all it stands for. NOW I will again sound old; What happend to shows like "Remote Control"?
It's crazy that the 1st season of Teen Mom girls are rumored to make 60-65,000 per episode at 17-18 years old.
I know some hard working families that don't even make that. Ferrah's 18 and living in the moment, prob isn't thinking about the next 5 years yet.
MTV wants some reality they can come stay at my
She was almost completely flat before like a size A maybe, pregnancy probably made her unhappy w/ the end result. I just hope she don't turn out like Heidi.
That One Mom said…
Ok, maybe I have been living under a rock, but there is a show glamorizing teen motherhood?!?! That is horrible!
2 of them..One is 16 and Pregnant and the other is called Teen Mom to follow up. I read somewhere that kids were intentionally trying to get pregnant so they can be on the scary
Anonymous said…
Stopping by via the Tuesday Hop to say hello.

Have a great day!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I hope Jesus Love Me Bunny doesn't return to JDaniel's bed. It will make me the candidate for a reality show.
Kelly L said…
Very funny.. I do have to say that I have 2 teen girls and I hate it when I find them watching this junk - Snookie from Jersey Shore (she's just gross) or Pregnant at 16 - it's sad really...
I am also jealous of the boobs.. I want my 'before kids' boobs
I'm your newest stalker from FMBT
I've Become My Mother
Yes Kelly them are the ones I'd like back

JD'sMom- I know the feeling!
CB said…
No fucking shit!!!!

I'm jealous of her perky... NEW boobs at 16 too hooker it's okay!
Ive had your page up for 25 minutes trying to read it and people wont stop talkin to me!!!
Mimi said…
Those girls need to get the cameras out of their faces and start focusing on their babies, IMHO.