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Saturday 6

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Been a while since we had a Saturday Six with Boobies and Ashlee so I was stoked to see it this morning

How do you feel about the death penalty?

 I think Detroit should have the same laws as Texas or Florida. Why?
This child's name was Carlee Jade Morse she was 16. Carlee went missing Aug 19th 2010. A 22 year old and 19 yr old male have admitted to killing her, BUT refuse to say where the hell her body is! To make it worse the 22 yr old entered a plea and could only serve 25-50 years. SAD

Did you make a New Year's resolution? If so--what!?

No because I don't keep them anyways

Why do women take men on Maury for paternity tests when they know DAMN well that Maury is going to say..."You are NOT the father!"??

Because they are gross with no respect for themselves. Maybe they hope the child's real dad will see the show and step up..just a thought

Teen Mom on MTV...does it glorify teen pregnancy? Do you watch it? Don't lie--you do, don't you?

I only watch the 1st season girls. After that I just get mad b/c these kids seen everything that the 1st girls went through but yet did it anyways, and most have LOSERS as baby fathers. Makes me mad that these girls think that by having a baby , the losers they are with will treat them better and live happily ever after. Parenting is hard and I hear kids are intentionally trying to get pregnant to be on the show, pathetic!

Pajama jeans--rockin or ridic?

Not sure what that is but jeans and pajamas don't fit in the same sentence in my house. 

Travel back in time--tell us about the teenage you!

HAHAHA . I was AWFUL! I was the kid that your parents warned you about and didn't want you to hang out with.


Ange said…
I so cannot imagine you being the trouble child.
Anonymous said…
That is sad about the girl. This justice system is so screwed up.

I am right there with you jeans and pj's just don't go together ever!!!

Here via Boobies blog hop.
CB said…
Oh bitch... No one wanted their kids with me either!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm strongly believing we are long lost sisters!