MAANGE Eyelashes

Tot School

18 1/2 Months
Tot School

This week was all about body parts. TJ is starting to point to things but they aren't the right things. I found some great tips for teaching toddlers body parts so that's pretty much all he and I worked on.

This weeks activities

First I  cut eyes,noses, and mouths, out of magazines then cut some circles and hearts (cut hearts in half and I also taped the body parts so they weren't flimsy)

Then I glued the half hearts on the circles to make ears

Then I let him try and put them in the correct spot while I repeated the word
 Big sis even wanted a part in this activity

Mr. Potato Head (Buzz Light Year)
 Then he didn't want to play with me

Played with the mirror and pointed out body parts

To really get his attention I got out some marshmallows and a cup and we counted as we put them in the cup

 This was by far his favorite =)

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blueviolet said…
I can't blame him about counting marshmallows!