MAANGE Eyelashes

I've been tagged (4 truths 1 lie)....

My good friend Jana was kind enough to tag me in a post which requires me to lie and tell one thing that is true. Sounds like a good time soooooo

1. I've been arrested for public intoxication

2. I'm a vegetarian

3. I waited till I was married to have sex.

4. I have a stuffed pig I call Pete

5. I spend my weekends at the bar


Number 4 is my truth sorry Jana no I have never been arrested =)

I'm gonna send it off to..





Anonymous said…
OOOO!! Okay...

You totally don't spend weekends at the bar. I don't think you saved your goodies till marriage. (Not calling you a flooze or anything..just sayin.)

I THINK you could be a vegetarian..maybe...but I really wanna think you had a PI arrest.

I'm gonna say that 1 is the truth. Yes?