MAANGE Eyelashes

Tot School

Thomas 20 Months
Tot School

We had a great week this week....

Color Activity 

I used 3 colors and some puff balls. Thomas then sorted by color.

My husband had the day off so we made last minute plans to visit a Childrens Museum. We had visited one, once before while in Dallas but the kids were younger. This time the kids were the perfect age!

Building Foam Blocks

Water Play
Pretend Play
Cooking In The Kitchen

All tuckered out for the day =)


sara said…
That looks like so much fun. How sad is it that I don't even know if we have a children's museum?! We must...right?
Crisc said…
Sara chances are you do. I didn't know we had one either. I know Detroit has the Science Center but they also had a Childrens Museum. This one was a bit of a drive but it was so worth it. The kids had a lot of fun =)
April said…
We love our local children's museum!