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Custom Made Vinyl Banners Review

I was given a great opportunity to design a banner from Build A I decided  to do a birthday one because Heaven and TJ both have a birthday coming up.

Let me just say it was SUPER easy. I had no problems customizing it and they offer a lot of choices to pick from. Within a couple days my banner had arrived and looked EXACTLY like it did when I designed it.

It was even bigger than I thought it was going to be. I am very pleased with it and the company itself was a pleasure to work with. Heaven had seen it when I first opened it and she was pretty excited about it. I have it put away so I can surprise them with it on their birthdays.

*for more birthday templates visit

* I was not paid for my opinion. It is mine and only mine. I was given the opportunity to design a vinyl banner of my choice in exchange for a review.