MAANGE Eyelashes Review

I was given the wonderful opportunity to review a photo canvas of my choice. The name of the site is and like the name is was super easy to design. As selfish as I wanted to be and order myself something nice, I'd thought I'd do something nice for someone else.

I have a friend who lost a Grandma not to long along so I thought this would be a great opportunity to make her smile while giving her a  great memory to look at.

Designing the canvas was as simple as 1,2,3. I picked a size and width for the canvas. Next I uploaded a picture and you have the option to edit the photo.
**I dont recommend using photo's saved from facebook or that have previously been uploaded from another site.  Pictures from you camera or ones that have been uploaded from the camera would work best.

After it was made all that was left was to wait for the reaction of the recipient. I was so nervous about it. I just wanted it to be perfect and when she received it, it was!

I knew she had received it when I seen her facebook status. I hope she doesn't mind me copying it.

"OMG in tears. fedex just came to the house and a friend of mine made the last pic of HJ and her Nonie aka Great Grama Jane who HJ is names after a huge oil painting. Thank you so much Crisc Cumberland I cant believe you got this made. It means so much to me and I cant WAIT for HJ to wake up and see it."

That right there made me happy that I did this for her. Needless to say my 2 year old friend was just as happy with her new picture of her Great Grandma.

 Here she is pointing to herself she thought it was sorta funny =) 

I highly recommended this company for anyone looking to capture the one special moment on a canvas. They did an excellent job and everything looks as ordered.  

Canvas size-AWESOME

Canvas Width- AWESOME (you have the option to have the picture wrapped around like this is you like)

Canvas Overall Quality-AWESOME!!!!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

*The opinions in this post are mine and only mine. I was given the opportunity of a canvas of my choice for an honest review.


Bargain Mom said…
Great review. I ordered mine yesterday. I can't wait to get it.
Crisc said…
Your gonna love it. They are super nice =)
Kelly said…
Aww your so sweet :) It looks awesome!