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The Final Weeks

We had a fun week finishing up the rest of our lesson plan. We only have 1 more week left of Preschool!

 We started with finishing our shape workbook...

Played shape bingo...

I felt bad when I found Thomas like this..

so I set him up with the train table..

He also played a game of Red Rover

To finish off the week we did a couple Science projects..

 Milk Experiment

 Rain Gauge
After a couple days of rain we brought it in and measured the rain. (It was still raining)

We also did a project for Jack and the Beanstalk that you can find over at my new blog =)

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Seven of my eight kids were homeschooled. This brought back so many memories!
sara said…
I love all the hands on/experimental stuff you do. Such a great way for the little lovies to learn!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the science ideas! My girl is not really into arts and crafts, so I am excited to try out some science experiments with her to see how she reacts. Thanks so much!
Anonymous said…
I agree with Our Country Road - love the rain gauge!! Stopping by from Preschool Corner. :)