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Quantum Jump Therapy: Healing through a proxy GUEST POST

It has taken quantum physicists many years to convince mankind of the existence of infinite alternate universes. But, alas the doubt still persists and the question again arises that is it really possible that three might be an outer world with completely alien circumstances and living beings? Is it fathomable that these entirely different versions of us live in a different world and making different choices from us? The possibilities could be infinite and varied and in such an alternate environment the existence of a person may vary largely.

Over 3 decades ago, there came a revolutionized thought that what would happen if there could be a channel to bridge the gap between these alternate versions and oneself. Will there be any effective learning, exchange of knowledge, skills t improve the ongoing quality of life? The answers to all these questions were found in the form of Quantum Jumping. It is named so because the therapy is a combination of quantum energy principles, spiritual counseling and hypnotherapy. This technique incorporates the ability of a person’s mind to jump into the alternate universe and communicate with the alternate versions. This unique method provides them passage to get in contact with these versions and get introduced into some new learning experience. Whether its health or enlightenment or life goals, quantum jumping therapy has proven its metal in the achieving self realization and empowerment. 

The technique as mentioned involves an amalgamation of meditation and visualization that leads the mind to experience this divine phenomenon of Quantum Jumping. The process guides the practitioner to walk through the passage that enables him/her to enter into an alternate world and make a contact with the alternate selves. You may be wondering what exactly this “alternate self” is.  Well, this alternate version totally relies on what a person is looking for. If you aim is to master the art of painting then you will end up meeting an alternate self who is already a skilled painter. If you talk about the possible benefits of Quantum Jumping, then they are countless. This unique experience of alternate selves not only ensures career progress or health improvement but also, lightens up the hidden talent and inspires you to show your creative side that might have been unknown to you as well. People have employed this technique to increase their wealth and boost up their relationship. You might be one in the thousands completely denying the miraculous ability of this therapy to improve your living, but you can’t deny that there are hundreds of people there too who have experience this wisdom themselves and have proven that it really works. Moreover, what harm in trying it out and end up meeting your role model to get inspire din life.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger. She writes on health related topics and her health guide includes health tips, sexual health and women’s health.