Why Men Should Stay Well Groomed- Guest Post

Why Men Should Stay Well Groomed
A well groomed man makes a great first impression. Appearance matters, whether you are in a business or social setting. Fair or not, people tend to make judgments about your character based on how you look. Prospective employers are strongly influenced by grooming when making hiring decisions. If you show up to a job interview with shaggy hair, ragged fingernails and wrinkled clothes, chances are the job is going to some other guy, even though you may be the most qualified candidate. Interviewers presume that if you are slovenly in your personal habits, you are most likely lazy and lack motivation.  
Men who are attractive and well groomed actually earn higher salaries. A researcher from the Fairleigh Dickson University in North America conducted a study to determine if appearance had any influence on starting salaries. Identical resumes were sent to over a thousand employers accompanied by a picture of the male applicant. Prospective employers were asked what the starting salary would be, should the applicant be successful. In half the pictures the applicant had been given a makeover, so he had a very professional and polished appearance. The starting salary replies that the applicant received pre-makeover were more than twenty percent lower than those quoted for his more polished self.
Although attractive, well groomed men don’t perform projects or tasks any better than their less well groomed counterparts, studies have shown that they are perceived to be more reliable, credible and productive. They also have been shown to be much more effective in persuading others simply by virtue of their appearance. These biases can work in your favor. By simply improving your appearance, you can change the way people perceive everything else that you do.
When you make the effort to present yourself in the most appealing manner possible, it’s also a source of personal pride that can have an amazing effect on your self confidence. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in mirrors or windows, something that happens as often as fifty times a day, don’t you feel great if you’re looking your best? Although there is no hard data to support the theory that attractive well groomed people are actually happier and more satisfied with their lives, it would seem to follow that being more self confident, being perceived favorably by others or even earning a better salary, may lead to a greater feeling of happiness and fulfillment.
Good grooming plays a critical role when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. In Maxim magazine’s annual sex survey, several thousand women were asked “What’s the biggest potential turn off when meeting a man?” The top response was bad hygiene. Women are turned off by men who don’t look good and smell good. Things like body odor, bad breath, dirty fingernails or hair, and ill-fitting sloppy clothes that haven’t been laundered recently are enough to send most women running in the opposite direction.
If you want to be taken seriously in today’s world, you need to be confident, masculine, stylish and well groomed. Make the effort to be the best possible version of yourself.

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