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Vegas Indoor Sky Diving: Experience The Sensation of 120 mph Wind (Guest Post)

Vegas Indoor Sky Diving: Experience The Sensation of 120 mph Wind

Las Vegas is just not famous for colorful bachelors party or dinning and drinking or finding various showgirls in the city or casinos etc, but it is also famous for things like the most exotic indoor sky diving. Perhaps the Vegas indoor sky diving in an incredible way of putting a wild element into your bachelor’s party or any recuperation you are having in this area. With this activity you take an unusual plunge in a giant and massive wind tunnel at the Vegas Indoor Skydiving based in the Convention Center Drive. So for the people who haven’t heard about this stuff in Las Vegas, explore more about this incredible feat in this article.

Before you start: Before you take a plunge into this exotic indoor diving world, you have to undergo an hour based briefing or training session. This session include a number of things like watching short videos, learning and understanding right kind of body position, knowing some precautions and the various flight techniques along with number of hand signals required to communicate during this process. You are also educated on things like the way of tucking and rolling in a right fashion when you fly in the main stream of air and so on. You may feel you have many things to remember in a short period, however, it’s a must and easy to memorize in the name of safety.

The plunge in air stream: You are all set now to take a plunge in the main air stream inside a blue wind tunnel. You have to be dressed like a professional sky diver in a specialized kind of flight suit having earplugs, goggles and a helmet. As you take a plunge through the guided hands of your instructor you begin this feat with hands on assistance. You will float in air and even see you and your friend falling down and then trying squeezing with couple of tricks and somersaults.

When you finally fly: You are now flying with legs and arms spread across to make an alphabet of X and you stay horizontal and get the stimulated effects of sky diving. The exact time you invest in the wind tunnel to the maximum of three minutes up to five flyers. So when flying over the winds, make sure you grab your friends and you can stay for 15 minutes together. Remember this is an athletic activity hence you may sweat when you are flying high. And after having this experience you can certainly imagine how the outdoor and real kind of sky diving goes in the sky. This can be a perfect launch pad if you are looking forward to catch this adventure in a real way.

If you want to enjoy the thrill of sky diving but fear for height, try this option. This is considered to be an incredible experience in life for people who are below 40 pounds with average height. Though it cannot be called as the most inexpensive stuff to do in Las Vegas, but it is can certainly be a life time activity. So if you are looking forward to give a new edge to your bachelor’s party, make sure you go for this and cherish this mind blowing activity for long.

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