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The Most Frequently Asked Pregnancy Related Questions -Guest Post

The Most Frequently Asked Pregnancy Related Questions

It is normal for a pregnant woman, particularly one who is pregnant for the first time, to have a multitude of doubts and questions about pregnancy, a time of life that can be exhilarating and scary in equal parts. We take a look at some of the most common concerns and questions that pregnant women may have-

What can I do to prevent a miscarriage?

Even experts do no fully understand all the reasons that can cause a miscarriage, but it is generally understood that any abnormalities of the fetus can result in a spontaneous abortion. Contrary to popular belief it is rarely what a woman herself does or does not do that causes a miscarriage and there is little that can be done to prevent most miscarriages.
As long as a woman eats healthy, stays active, takes care of general hygiene and has a moderate lifestyle with no kind of substance abuse, she can be confident that she has done all that she can to prevent a miscarriage.

Can I have sex during pregnancy?
The answer to this question is Yes, unless there is a medical reason or if a woman has a high risk pregnancy where she has been advised to refrain from sex. In a normal pregnancy, sex cannot hurt the unborn baby; there is in fact one view that says having an orgasm during pregnancy is actually beneficial because it causes increase in blood supply to the fetus.
However it is another matter that some women find a distinct lowering of the sex drive during pregnancy and may not want to have sex, in which case this issue would have to be sensitively handled by both partners.

Is it a boy or a girl?
You can have a lot of fun trying to guess this one; using any number of old wives tales (everyone seems to have a different one!) Or you can ask the doctor when you have an ultrasound at about 18 to 20 weeks. Knowing beforehand can help you with your shopping and decorating, however there is a lot to be said for getting a surprise at the end of nine months as well.

Why can’t I feel baby yet?
This can be a question that causes much alarm, particularly in a first pregnancy, with women thinking that there is something terribly wrong because they cannot yet feel the first movements of baby. The fact is that each woman is different and may feel the baby for the first time at different points in the pregnancy.

Though most women feel the first tiny fluttering at about 19 weeks, some may miss this; not being able to identify it as fetal movement. However, if you are really concerned, have your doctor check you over.

How long should I continue to work?
If a woman is comfortable with it, and if there is no reason that she has been medically advised against this, she can continue to work right up till her due date. However if the work is strenuous or involves any hazardous processes or materials, then she should consider stopping.

Also if she finds that she is getting fatigued she should reconsider continuing on the job. To answer this question, consider financial, logistical and other implications, and discuss the issue with family as well as your boss.

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