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BuildASign Review

Some of my readers may not know that on the side, I also do Marketing for a restaurant. The owner is a great friend so when I got the offer to do a review, I couldn't help but think of him.

The Product

Signs, Banners and Magnets

Making The Product 

 Was unbelievably EASY. Not only was it very easy to make, it was also quick and did not take up a lot of my time. (which is important b/c I have 3 kids, 2 of whom I homeschool). Overall it took less than 10 minutes to make and order, 15 minutes to drive it to the destination and 30 minutes to eat the free breakfast it got me =)

Due to the placement of the sign I chose a nice aluminum one that will be sure to last in bad weather. It was the perfect size and I was even given the option to add things to it, like double sided tape or a rack. I was happy with the company and product, would definitely recommend them to others looking for a company to make signs, banners or magnets for home, business or school.

To make your own signs, banners or magnets be sure to check out BuildASign via Facebook, Twitter, or their Direct Site