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Homeschool Room/Plans 2012

I know this site is mainly used for reviews, guest post and giveaways but I thought I should update our homeschool plan/room for those who came here for that.For those who dont know, I homeschool my children ages 3 & 4. This will be our 3rd year schooling at home. You can see our 1st year here. (Beware we started out with nothing) We have come so far so I figured an update was in order.

Our Lesson Plan

This year I switched things up and bought a curriculum. Heaven has shown a lot of interest in wanting to read so we will be doing Saxon Kindergarten Phonics and Math.

All other subjects will be put together from plans I acquired from Pinterest for Heaven.Keep in mind all kids are different and even though Heaven is 4 she is at a level for this curriculum to fit. It's important to follow the childs lead in deciding curriculum/learning choices.

Thomas is a child who likes to work on his own and do things his own way so he will have weekly tot packs and workboxes. He will be doing basic preschool things and mainly learning through play. (Works for him)

Our School Room

Phonic and Math Stations

Family Award Wall

Heavens Desk

Thomas- Monthly Workboxes

Science Center

Creative Learning Center

Calendar/Circle Time
My Area

Thomas Desk
Full View Of Room

Hope everyone (homeschool/public/private) have an awesome school year. If you are homeschooling and looking for a great deal on curriculum, check out Rainbow Resource (HUGE Money Saver)


Jen said…
Your homeschool looks awesome! Have a great year.