Homeschool High School Extracurricular Events-Guest Post

When you decide to homeschool high school there are a few things that people assume you sacrifice as a result. You may experience people questioning you about sports, about college, about scholarship, and about socialization. The weirdest question I have received is probably, “what about prom?” My response is, “Yeah…what about prom?” The reason I find the question somewhat strange is because I know that homeschoolers who want to have a prom can create one!

Just like you can be creative and unique with the structure of your homeschool you can be creative and unique with homeschool events too! I have heard about quite a few different homeschool “high school dance” events. A homeschool group in my area planned a large group get together for homeschool families and it was a great success. When I was homeschooling my sons we didn’t have a prom, but when my son went to college he planned a Jane Austen style dance at his school called “Pemberly Ball”.  If you have students that are Jane Austen fans, that could be a fun theme for your homeschool prom!  If you don’t want to does all the planning yourself you can locate an English Country Dancing group near you.

If dancing doesn’t sound like something that would be a good fit for your local homeschool community, you could always put together a formal dinner. You could do it at home or at a nice restaurant. It can be fun to give your students a chance to dress up and practice manner and mingling skills that will benefit them in their future. If you want to be really creative try a progressive dinner or mystery dinner theatre! Don’t be afraid to claim the joy of homeschooling in social activities as well as schooling. Your children aren’t discouraged from or left without socialization opportunities just because they are homeschooled!

The same goes for other extracurricular events that some people may assume you aren’t a part of just because you are homeschooled. You can enroll your students in city sports leagues or club teams and multiple other opportunities that aren’t available to students who are public schooled. As far as college is concerned I’m convinced that homeschooling high school is the best preparation for college and for life! Above all you are the guidance counselor for your homeschool students and your job is to teach them to love learning and if you do that they will succeed in whatever they do!

Author Bio
Lee Binz is a homeschooling expert and the founder of She successfully homeschooled her two sons and currently help many parents in homeschooling their kid.