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Signazon Review

This past week I received an invite from a friend to attend her Halloween party. A few minutes after I told her I wouldn't be able to attend, I got an email for a review and couldn't help but think this would be an awesome fit for her.

The Company

Signazon makes everything from Window Graphics to Yard Signs and Vinyl Banners.

For my review I picked a Halloween themed banner to go with my friends Halloween Party. It was super easy to design and the fact they have pre-designed templates to choose from made it that much quicker for me.

The Product

It looks GREAT and I am 100% sure my friend will love it as well. My 4yr old wanted to keep and hang it up so I assume she liked it too.It's a perfect size and the colors were bright. This picture doesnt do it justice.

To see for yourself how great this company is check them out via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or their main site