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Know How to Get Adventurous with an Adventure Time Game (Guest Post)

 Adventure Time, the hugely popular Cartoon Network show, now has its own Adventure Time game. The game lets fans explore the crazy world of Adventure Time through some of its best loved characters, including Finn, the human boy, and his dog Jake.

Adventure Time is set in the Land of Ooo, where Finn and Jake while away many happy daydreaming hours. Jake is a super intelligent dog who can stretch and grow at will, and is often called on to save the Land of Ooo from various evils: a pastime that sadly cuts down on his viola playing.
The Adventure Time game (well actually there are several) include puzzle games and adventure style “questing”  games. The games can be played in several ways, on several different devices.

A computer can download or stream the Adventure Time game, as can a mobile device equipped with an internet connection. Players get to protect the Candy Princess from all sorts of hideous evils, including a zombie invasion and the vampire queen. Streaming will require a fast internet connection and a good quantity of data in the bank, either from the mobile provider running the internet connection on a handheld device, or from an unlimited use home package.

The amounts of data required to play the Adventure Time game are negligible in and of themselves – but it must be noted that continual streaming of any application bumps up data usage over time. Be aware, then, that playing multiple games over the course of a billing period can have an effect on the data use in your plan.

To get adventurous with the Adventure Time game, you’ll want to be sure you’re picking the right one. Puzzle games are more for the gamer who wants to get a little puzzled – Adventure Time Righteous Quest 1 and 2 are the titles for the gamer who wants to explore the world of the Land of Ooo in more detail. Both games follow the time honoured tradition of multi-world platform adventures, and owe more than a little debt to Mario titles. If you’re going to learn, learn from the best!

Righteous Quest 2, for example, begins in the Candy Kingdom, where Finn and Jake are tasked to hold off the impending zombie apocalypse while the Candy Princess mixes up some magic potions to save the Land of Ooo. There are save points halfway through each level –  and, like in the Mario titles released over the last ten years, various speaker boxes and information signs help the player to learn about the level he or she is trying to complete.

Gameplay in the Adventure Time game is easy. Arrows control the motion of the players, either left to right or up and down (for jumping). The space bar makes Finn throw stones at the encroaching zombies. Various special badges can be collected throughout each level, which give points or confer some kind of extra ability on the players.
The Adventure Time game titles let you enjoy the Land of Ooo for real, on your computer or handheld mobile device.

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Rosette is a freelance writer based in Prestatyn.She is a keen reader and swimmer. According to her opinion,it is fun to watch Adventure time game with your kids in free time.