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Uniiverse Review

Once upon a time I was sent an email for a website. I wasn't sure what I was going to expect but I checked out the site and it it AMAZING! If you're like me then you often have situations like...

You- Please help clean up the yard
Teenager- Rolls eyes and does a crap job
You- Redo this redo that..etc
Teenager- Mad does it over (still crappy) and wants pay for the headache they just gave you.

Well when I clicked on this site it was like all my prayers had been answered!

 The Site

 About The Site

Discover new things

  • Find activities and services near you
  • Discover authentic experiences, meet new people or reconnect with friends in real life
  • Join the sharing economy

Become an entrepreneur

  • Anyone can offer their activities or services
  • Monetize your time, skills, or assets
  • It's totally free to host and market yourself to the world

Uniiverse allows you to find unique experiences and activities: learn a new language, join a sushi class or go scuba diving. Meet new people or reconnect with your friends. Get outside!

Too busy? Find services to help you save time. Need help with errands? Looking for a babysitter? or a handyman?

Want to save money and the environment? Hop on a ride-share, join a yoga class or borrow items and equipment from your neighbors.

Traveling? Discover what the city really has to offer. Stay with a local.

So now instead of fighting with my teen I can pay someone $20.00 for doing a great job and saving my Advil.

You can check them out yourself by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, or Direct Site