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How to Make the House Moving Easy for the Kids- GuestPost

Making the life-changing decision to move house is almost unbearable for the whole family. However, adults tend to focus on the more practical side of the problems, while children get frustrated over the things they are about to leave behind. Losing friends, the already established security and the familiar environment. What makes children feel even worse is the fact that the adults make all the decisions and they don't have the say about almost anything. Kids can do little or nothing to influence this decision.

 According to research, moving to a new house is even more stressful than going through an illness, losing your job or even divorce. And since it is so difficult for an adult, just imagine how hard it would be for a child. However, you, as a parent, can do a couple of things in order to help your kid with the transition.

Talk things over beforehand and provide them with as much time as possible so that they could get used to the idea. Give them a lot of information about the new house/apartment, as well as the area you are moving to. Make them realize that the new place is not necessarily worse than the old one. Stress on the advantages your future home has over your present one. In a way, try to make you child eager to move. If the place is not too far away (same city, or a neighboring one) make a couple of visits prior to the actual moving, in order to get acquainted with the environment. If it is too far away for you to go to, 'explore' it via the internet.

Try not to devote all your time talking about the moving. This might have a negative effect on the little one. Every now and then, try to take his/her mind away from what is about to happen. Do that by indulging in pleasant past time activities together. Go to the movies, attend a favorite sports event or simply stay at home playing video games. Even though moving might be your top priority at the moment, try not to let it appear that way.

It is true that the child can't decide on which house to buy and all those major matters. However, if the kid is old enough, you can make him/her feel important and involved by letting him/her decide pretty much anything about the kid's room – the color, the interior, the arrangement of the furniture, etc.

The actual moving could be a real pain in the neck. Kids sense that this is it, there is no turning back, so they might try to fight it and simply give you a hard time. In order to soothe your child you can do a thing or two. Take his/her mind away from where you are going to by letting them play a video game during the drive or watch a movie on a portable DVD player. As for little children, a somehow insidious, but rather effective method would be tiring them prior to the drive so that they could sleep through the whole journey. Do that by playing a game of football or any other type of sport that is tiring.

When you already arrive at your new home be sure that not everything will go as smoothly as planned. Again, your child will feel uneasy and upset. Spend as much time together as possible. Go around the new neighborhood, meet the neighbors, visit the new school, introduce yourselves to the teachers, visit all the landmarks, and so on. In a word, help your child get familiar with the new home so that s/he can start loving it, rather than detesting it.

All of this will take time, so try to be patient and do not force the change upon your kid. With time, s/he will get used to the transition and start living a normal life.

Philis Chapman is a stay at home mom and a devoted wife who loves to indulge her beloved men and who gladly provides tips and ideas on how to ease the life of a housewife. For more information, please visit: Londonremovals


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