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A Day In The Life- Homeschooling

It's been a while since I have updated on our homeschool journey. I figure with the new year here, it's a great time to evaluate this past year and what's to come.

For the 2012/13 year we decided to go with Saxon curriculum all the way around. I also use Pinterest to add in some extra lessons.

During our morning circle time (start of class) we do the pledge, date (and pattern ex- AABB,AB), meeting book and answer some Social Studies questions like our address, birthdays, where we live and learning the map of the US. I now start at 10am so both kids are awake and ready to learn with no meltdowns.

After circle time on Tuesdays and Thursdays we begin our morning work that consist of worksheets from a workbook or Pinterest. These worksheets usually focus on writing letters, letter sounds and letter picture matching. Also sometimes we do math worksheets on counting or writing the numbers.

Once finished we begin Saxon Phonics. I cant rave enough on how much I love this curriculum. Very easy to follow and my 3 and 4 yr are able to pick it up. (for the record I use it w/ the 4 yr old and the 3yr old takes part by listening to us) For the most part each week Saxon has a few activities then you have a worksheet. Every 4th day the kids have an assessment to go over what they learned the following week.

We then have math and we also use Saxon for that as well. For most projects I use my projector instead of cutting the shapes extra out so both kids can take part. You could also use the whiteboard if you have one so the kids can all take part by seeing and doing it.

Once the kids complete the worksheets, assessments, etc I put the things in a binder and add a report card in the front so I can keep track of what we need to work on. You can pickup workbooks at the Dollar Store or Target.

Since my 4 yr old knows her letters, I put the letter cards in my 3 yr olds desk workbox and I put the word cards in the 4 yr olds desk box.

On Mondays we have gym, Tuesday and Thursday is music, and Wednesday is Art. For gym I use the Ondemand because they have different activities for kids. The kids love it and it gives me a workout as well. For music we either make instruments or learn different songs or church songs for Sunday School. It's been "He's got the whole world in his hands" for a few weeks. Most art projects come from an art book or Pinterest.

I moved their desk together and they seem to be working better. Books, legos and blocks are always accessible but they can only use paint and play-dough during Creative Learning time.  During creative Learning I start the house cleaning once the kids are set up. During nap time at 12/12:30pm I start the laundry. If the kids dont have a nap they know they have quiet time so that way I can start dinner , clean or do whatever I need.

What's your day like?