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Cleaning With Kids -Guest Post

Cleaning can be a daunting task especially with little ones running around the home, making a mess and tracking in muck and mud every time. Toddlers can be a lot of fun but also a complete nightmare when it comes to dealing with the damage they can do to your home. We have prepared some solutions to help with that which we hope will be of use to you:

1.    Have your kids help out
This is an important step if you want to inspire a sense of achievement in them from that young age. Having them help with the cleaning tasks is a great way to get the much-needed help and for them to explore the results of the messes they make for themselves. Be kind and nice to them while you do it of course since you want to inspire interest in cleaning rather than fear or boredom. You can have them helping you with minor tasks around your home such as putting their toys back in their place.

2.    Keep your expectations real
Kids aren't exactly very skilled with their hands at any tender age so make sure you praise them for a job well done even if its not perfect. A few good words can go a long way when it comes to providing your kids with self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. Never forget that and be patient with them.

3.    Give clear instructions
Forget about complicated lists of tasks given to your kids or toddlers. Tell them what to do one thing at a time and give them enough time to get it all done. You can help them by visually illustrating what you need done as in done in children's books. This will help stimulate their interest and at the same time it will make the whole exercise of cleaning look like a game.

4.    Make it a game
There is nothing better when it comes to stimulating the imagination and making kids complete their tasks than working with them in the form of a game. Make sure they will be rewarded for their efforts in the end, even if it is something small as this is a powerful incentive which will help them get used to the effort needed for cleaning. A great way of doing this is adapting the game musical chairs to the tune of cleaning. When it comes to picking up and keeping things in order you could have a nice long song which kids will be able to work with and by the end of it they should be done putting their toys back together or helping with a single task.

5.    Making it a contest
If you have more than one kid and you're not afraid of encouraging them to work together against you in a game where they're supposed to deal with their room faster than you deal with your chores then this is the move for you. Give them a proper reward for a job well done and they'll be more than happy about it.

Philis Chapman is a stay at home mom and a devoted wife who loves to indulge her beloved men and who gladly provides tips and ideas on how to ease the life of a housewife. For more information, please visit: CleanNGone