MAANGE Eyelashes

Guest Post by Rebecca Fuller of

The children in our home are our future. I love to look at my children’s faces and visualize their potential.  The future world they will live in is a crazy far-off dream for most of us.The direction they will take their lives has so much to do with the input they are receiving right now.

There is no dream that they cannot achieve if we, as parents and educators, let them
dream and then furnish the tools to help them make it all possible. What an awesome responsibility!

Kids who feel successful like to dig-in and work hard towards a desired result. And,
those who have had to overcome obstacles with perseverance, have the tools to change the world.

These success-traits can come from many places such as sports, hobbies, music, or even
possibly, employment.  And each also has an awesome side-effect. I believe we
should look for many ways to help our children feel successful. We should especially look for how we can do this with the best possible after-effect.

We are a sports and music-minded family, and I know that learning to play a musical
instrument on a proficient level takes a whole range of skills and wraps them
into some incredible life benefits.   Self-confidence and work ethic has sky-rocketed as we (as a family) have excelled in music.  Besides being top of the class in school, these kids love beautiful music, and they have built connections in their brain that enabled them to dream up something and then make it reality.  

I love technology!  As a home-learning family, I’m sure you do too.  The education
needed to take the future in your own hands is here!  Hug your kids, and give them permission to dream.Then give them the tools, resources, and discipline to make it reality.

You can find Rebecca online teaching with passion and organized to the hilt
at: where she helps all ages hone their musical skill by using the beautiful instrument flute in a step-by-step, affordable, online approach.