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@SunbeltBakery Granola Bars Review

For my 400th post I am excited to share this review! A couple weeks ago I was thinking of a company I had worked with. They sent me some granola last year and it was AMAZING! Well to my luck a couple days after I thought of them, another company contacted me. This time the product was granola bars and anyone who has been to my house, knows how much we love granola bars.

It worked our perfect, I had a couple boxes of other brands when Sunbelt sent me theirs to try so I was able to compare pretty easily.

The bars showed up at lunch time so I passed them around to the kids before I had one (ok some). I asked the 4 year old 1st. Her opinion was "Mom I like these better than the other ones. They taste like strawberry." I then gave her the chocolate chip chewy and indeed it was chewy. Not only is it chewier, more chocolate tasting but it's also bigger than the regular Quaker bars.  Another plus it was more filling than the fruit and nut bars I get from Sam's.

Next I asked my 20 year old cousin his thoughts. He said "they taste like a poptart mixed with a toaster strudel." By the time I gave him a chocolate to taste he could only eat half of it b/c he was full. My husband's reply was "It has the fruit tasting of the Fig Newton."


Not gonna lie these were honestly the best granola bars I have ever had. (Looking at the way I shop that speaks volume). During the 1st 2 hours of the boxes being here they were empty.

 I then took to the internet to check out the Sunbelt site to see if they come and bulk or where I could by them. Turns out they are at all the big stores near me like Target, Meijer and Krogers. When I return shopping on Friday I will definitely be getting more. Sunbelt Bakery, is a family-owned bakery and committed to serving you snacks with a bakery-fresh taste, whole grains, no preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup.

On another note Sunbelt has teamed up with nationally recognized registered dietitian Carolyn O'Neil– a best-selling author and award-winning television personality and food writer – to help consumers make informed choices on nutritional content without sacrificing the great taste people want in their snacks. The new campaign – Stay on track with the right snack– will encourage people to eat snacks that provide a mix of good nutrition and great taste as part of a balanced diet.

You can learn more about Carolyn by watching the above video or checking out her blog Dish on Dieting

You can check them out for yourselves by visiting their site, Facebook or Twitter