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Tips and Tricks for the Everyday Blogger

When it comes to your blog or website, are you in-charge of the content and design or do you let the pros handle your needs? A lot of famous websites nowadays had very humble beginnings. But looking at their sites, you’d think that they’ve captured a nice virtual space all to themselves without needing any sort of professional help. However, if you take blogging seriously, you may want to consider these tips from Pinagency, an LA-based web design agency that can pin down your Internet needs so you don’t have to.

1.    Content
Ever heard the saying “content is king”? If you haven’t, it’s one of the most talked about “trends” in the virtual world nowadays. Gone are the days of so many keywords cramped in one sentence that the reader will actually be offended and never return to the site. Quality content is the number one aim for a lot of web experts nowadays – sometimes considered even more important than the overall aesthetics of the website. So if you want to attract readers and maybe potential clients in the future, take note of your content and make sure that you don’t cram unnecessary words that only serve to confuse.

2.    Social Media Is King
Facebook and Twitter are probably the first sites that come to mind when you think of social media. And nowadays, a few posts on Facebook or a few tweets in Twitter could substitute socializing or bonding with friends. Come to think of it, even the most socially awkward person has a Facebook or twitter. So if you’re looking to maximizing your web presence, a Facebook page and Twitter account are necessary to increasing your popularity ratings. A lot of websites get their traffic direct from Facebook; so do take your social media seriously!

3.    Advertise
For Pinagency, advertising is all about honesty: marketing products and services that aren’t scams waiting to be exposed. Real and effective advertising is about putting your best foot forward and telling it how it is. Maybe a few simple words and beautiful images to complement but that’s it. 

4.    Manage Your Emails
Email marketing is one of those things that bigger businesses have to worry about on a daily basis. For bloggers or writers or entrepreneurs who are only starting out, this may be a bit too far in the future. But once you reach a certain point, managing emails could get tough – you might need backup help so you can sort through the hundreds of emails without missing a single thing.

5.    Track Down Trends and Results
Tracking down what’s hot and tracking down the results of one’s online marketing efforts are two different things. Both don’t require a PhD but could serve to be time consuming. Both are also important to ensure that all you’ve done up to this point are contributing to your increased web exposure. Always remember that it pays to be updated and on track all the time.
At the end of the day, you’d probably wonder: so when should I ask for professional help? If your blog is getting more visitors than you can handle and social media is getting to your nerves, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to look for additional help. Pinagency offers all of the above mentioned things and so much more.

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Roger Pahuriray is an SEO Specialist who’s had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive SEO expertise to Pin Agency where he tackles articles on Internet Marketing with suggestions on Web Design Agency. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are looking to increase their understanding of the internet and its function in the present market. As an SEO Specialist for, he works full-time catering to an impressive pool of clients like CasaNuevoVida.Com, SweetSweat.Com and PrintAndMail4U.Com among many others.