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@Educents ACTUAL SIZE—Science Review

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  • ACTUAL SIZE—Science
  • ACTUAL SIZE—Social Studies

Each of these are teacher resource books that provide blueprints and instructions for creating full-scale, actual-size drawings and diagrams with sidewalk chalk.

There is a huge variety in the 72 science and social studies topics—everything from a Tyrannosaurus Rex to a Viking ship to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Kids can interact with the drawings they help create, using all of their senses as they play, pretend, talk, think, and learn.

  • PEDAGOGY - Teacher-created lessons are pedagogically sound and appeal to all learning styles.
  • AUTHENTICITY - Blueprints are painstakingly researched and exquisitely accurate.
  • SELECTION - Topics are both core knowledge and high-interest.
  • VERSATILITY - Endless possibilities for curriculum integration.
  • RETENTION - Student recall is much higher with hands-on activities.
  • CUTENESS - Students sit in an actual-size outline of a prairie schooner and talk about what they can fit for their trip West. Kids run the actual length of the Wright Brothers’ flights, arms outstretched. And what could be more fun than looking a life-sized Apatosaurus in the eye, strolling the actual-size deck of the Mayflower, or playing president inside a full-sized Oval Office?

I picked the Science e-book to review since my kids love Science so much. It has 32 different lesson and each lesson comes with a blue print. The directions make it easy for the whole family to enjoy. Not many materials are needed either so it's also affordable fun. We plan on using it this weekend during the kids party, I'm sure it will be a hit with the other kids.

With summer around the corner this is a great time to get the kids outside why not throw in some learning =)

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Hi Chrissee,
This is Cindy, I run Sunflower Education with my husband, Daniel. We enjoyed reading your review and love that you'll be creating some fun activities during the party, that's awesome. Hope you have a great time! :-)