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How To Potty Train A Child That Doesnt Want To Learn

When I started potty training with my daughter she was 2 1/2 years old. At the time I thought she was a stubborn child but I realize now she was ONLY 2. When it came to her brother he had no interest in learning. I tried when he was 2 and 3 and by 4 I was done trying. In my eyes if he can write his name then he should start learning to pee like a big kid. I set everything up just like I did with his sister and still he didn't care. He could sit on the potty for a hour, do nothing and get up and pee. I used treats and toys to bribe and nope NOTHING. He would say he "didn't want to get on the potty train."

We stopped using diapers when he was 2 and started using pull-ups but that did NOT help him. He still went potty in them and then it started to happen.. He started giving me a hard time when it was time for a change. I mean who likes to stop playing and get undressed in front of everyone (not me)

While browsing Pinterest I seen a link for the 3 day boot camp and decided today is the day (day after his 4th b-day).  Figured I will share these steps with you, just like when I did with my daughter. Never know might help someone else in a similar situation. This time around I tossed out any idea I had for my daughter b/c he was/is nothing like her.


Buy Boxer/Briefs I say this so child can be covered in something like shorts and not running around naked. My son has to have something on or cries. I still  have pull ups so now that he understands I let him wear them. Don't do this till they understand the potty and are using it.

Show child the potty and how to pull down under pants. DONT MAKE HIM SIT ON THE POTTY and TRY. Instead ASK him every 10 mins and remind him to use the potty and not to get his clothes wet.

Your child will have an accident. DO NOT YELL. Instead tell him you want him to use the potty and it makes you sad when he gets his clothes wet. Don't make him feel like crap use a good tone and deliver it in a nice way.

Let child run around in a shirt boxers and socks..NO PANTS. I noticed when I put pants on he would have an accident.

When child uses the potty..EXCITEMENT!! use lots of high fives and BIG BOY now. I would get a box of dollar store toys cause treats can turn into a lot.


*This will only work if you and your child are FULLY ready to learn. A good sign is the throwing a fit at changing time. Both my kids did that. If it doesn't work, wait and try again.

It has been 5 days and by day 3 he has had maybe 1 accident. He now understands and I agree to let him wear pants if he tells us he has to use the potty and it's working!