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4 Reasons Why Kids Need to put Down Video Games This Summer - Guest Post By Jeremy Dixon

I wrote a Summer Bucket list for teens a week or so ago and Jeremy Dixon  wanted to go into more detail on ONE OF THEM . Thanks you  Jeremy Dixon  for your guest post, the tips are great =)
  4 Reasons Why Kids Need to put Down Video Games This Summer

Summer is basically here and for kids, that means freedom and oh yeah! VIDEO GAMES! Kids are going to have so much free time on their hands that they will not know what to do with themselves. If the XBOX and Playstation will be in full use by your children this summer, then this is article for you. I am going to touch on 4 reasons why kids need to put down video games and get out the house this summer.

Get Out and Socialize!

The summer is a great time for the kids to go out and meet new friends or hang out with the ones from school or the neighborhood. The friends on XBOX Live and PSN, while cool, do not count! Having your friends around or meeting new people this summer is a great way to build upon experiences and memories that will be treasured for life. When kids are cooped up inside playing video games all day, they will tend to become more anti-social and miss out on all the cool and awesome things that are taking place during the summer.

Stop Playing Video Games and Get Active

One of the problems with sitting down and playing video games all day is that there is little to no chance of exercise taking place. Hours upon hours will be spent in front of the television screen and you can be sure that the only movements will be the clicking of buttons, the occasional bathroom break and oh yea….the trod to get food! If this is a common routine when the kids are off from school, there is a chance that they will begin to put on weight. It’s the summer! Children should be outside playing, riding bikes, skateboarding or playing basketball. Putting down the controller will not just have them outside the house being active, but it will also allow them to release all that energy older children and teens usually have.

Be Creative and Constructive This Summer

There are so many things that are taking place during the summer and a lot of times, children will miss out because they are so preoccupied with gaming. It would be good to put the video games down for a minute and go spend some time with friends and family they have not seen in a while. They could also take up new hobbies or spend more time on the ones that they already have. The summer means a lot of free time and this just means that there are more ways for them to be creative and use their brains. Video games can be mindless at times and really allows for limited creativity to take place.

Enjoy the Summer Fully!

All this free time that the children have during the summers will come to an end once they become adults. You do not want them to look back at their summer holidays and realize that the only thing fun they did was play video games all day long. There should be that balance where they enjoy a couple hours of gaming, but also enjoy all that summer has to offer before school begins. The summer is a good time to go to amusement parks, the beach (if they live close by), sporting events, movies, family trips etc. There are just so many options available, they should take full advantage of everything and not lock themselves away playing games.
Jeremy Dixon is an information geek and has a funky little blog called He loves to write on a wide variety of topics that are entertaining, insightful, informative, weird and kooky.