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Becoming of member of the @Detroitcats Team #Detroit

If you are one of my Twitter followers, you know how passionate I am about Detroit. I've been on a new adventure in life and learning more about our environment, tar sands, pipelines and the list goes on.

On this new journey I have had the pleasure of meeting new people and groups. One group in particular is called DCATS and I've invested a few weeks learning about what they do. Today July 24th, 2013 I have become a member of this great group of people. All opinions expressed will be mine as I will never speak on behalf of this group unless otherwise noted. I can NOT express how honored I feel to be part of such an amazing team of people.

To give you a little history ABOUT THEM

From their site....

Who We Are

DCATS is a Detroit collective of concerned individuals and organizations whom are uniting in efforts toward the elimination and removal of tar sands petroleum refinement. This is the Detroit branch of MiCATS – Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands.

Mission Statement

Build a diverse and inclusive coalition of people in Detroit committed to building local power and spreading awareness about the destructive nature of tar sands while co-creating a vision for clean energy alternatives as part of the larger movement rising to stop the extraction, refinement, and transportation of tar sands across North America.


  • Education
    • Think Global, Speak & Act Local - We tie in the global narrative with front porch realities that are more visible, encompassing, palatable, and create
    • Spread awareness of the effects of Marathon to a local and national audience opportunities for direct actions to address local issues in order to elevate this issue to a spot of national concern and priority and add more strength to the argument for an overarching need to restrict fossil fuel companies’ ability to pollute freely and damage our environment
  • Partnership Building/Outreach
    • Be intentional about connecting with our brothers and sisters across the globe fighting against ecologically and socially exploitative and destructive practices that put profit and power before people and planet. We aim to amplify our collective voice to expand the movement of movements for a thriving, socially just, and sustainable planet
    • Work more with groups like and groups that work with frontline communities
    • Find groups working with alternative and “Free energy” and find ways to partner with them and get the word out, possibly have them come to Detroit(longer term)
    • Share consistent messages at actions and events

You will be seeing me post more about this group. To learn more check out their Site, Facebook, Twitter or Google+