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Color in Costume Bundle @educents

costume you’ve designed, of course! Your children start with the creatively
designed outline of an outfit for a princess, pirate, superhero, or other favorite
pretend character. Then, using the markers included – and their imaginations –they color the clothing any way they like to create a truly unique and personalized costume. From there, it’s on to hours of pretend play! European designed, these costumes are finally available in the U.S., but quantities are limited so take advantage of this exclusive savings fast.


Each costume is 100% cotton and includes head wear as well as the main apron style clothes. Four color markers are included but you can use your own fabric markers to create designs that are more personal and colorful. To make your child’s costume design permanent and washable, simply iron the reverse side and wait 24 hours. Choose from four different two-costume bundles.

Who is it for?

Kids ages 4-8; grades PreK-3rd

Parents, homeschool families, and teachers looking for a creative activities that sparks imagination and encourages open-ended pretend play

What is included?

Why buy?

Unique, one-of-a-kind product that inspires imagination and delights young children

Promotes creativity and open-ended play with costumes that lend themselves to new storylines and characters your children invent on their own

Provides a DIY take on dress up that children will love

High-quality, 100% cotton costumes are durable and comfortable

How does the deal work?

Product will be shipped within 7-10 days from deal end date

All sales are final

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