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For those that don't know, my Grandma came to the US during WWII so I was EXCITED to be given the opportunity for this review. Grandma was from France and still had the accent an all, when she passed a few years ago. Grandma came here in 1942.


I was STOKED when I seen French and they offered to let me review it! Not only is this product great for kids and teens but it's great for adults learning the basic as well.

About the company

Languages they teach


  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. German

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A Language Playing System

Especially for those who:

  • Are beginners and like a challenge
  • Already have some background in the chosen language
  • Want a fun way to complement another course
  • Want an affordable but effective program
  • Seek useful language based on real situations
  • Tune out lengthy grammar explanations

Practice with Real Conversations

  • Learn the language of everyday life
  • Use practical words and phrases
  • Train your ear while only listening
  • Improve your reading with a travel story
  • Spell and write words and phrases
  • Record and check your pronunciation

  • Learn grammar naturally, without a bunch of "rules"
  • Slowly build up your grammar knowledge
  • Make connections and discoveries yourself
  • Ask online questions on Facebook or Google+

  • Play games to collect points
  • Reach your target to advance to the next level
  • Score the new foreign words you have learned at each level
  • Post your scores on Facebook!
  • Score 5,000 pts to earn 1 FREE month
  • Score 10,000 pts for 2 FREE months

  • Bonus for YOU

    Foreign Language Games
    Deal Start Date: 
    July 20th
    Educents Price: Up to $39.90
    Discount: Up to 43%
    Potential Commission:  Up to $3.99
    Deal Preview: Choose between a 6 or 12 month online subscription to learn or brush up on French, German, Spanish, or Italian. 

    (I did not use my affiliate link for this deal, I  just believe in this game and Educents is a great company)

    To learn more check this company out on Twitter, or their direct website