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Prepping For The Upcoming 13/14 School Year Already!?! #Homeschool

I know some of you might have just cringed at the thought but we travel a lot in the summer ( see previous post) so this is my only time to plan. I was going to go with an online type of schooling but things have taking a different road. With that said I will be doing what I have been and this yr's curriculum is a bit different than the past. (If it's not broke why fix it? ;))

Last year I went Saxon Kinder all the way around but this year...I went random and made my own lessons. I have everything in order just need to get individual lesson plans going and I'm set and ready!! That's what I love about homeschooling , each yr becomes somewhat easier. *Different challenges but you feel prepared ;)

This Years Set Up

Calendar Area/ Educational Game/Art Shelves

                      My Area/ Cabinet

       All My Lessons For Each Subject Are In My Cabinet

         Kids Computer Area/ Table For WhiteBoard Time

                                      Project Table

                                           Full View

If anyone has any questions about anything..curriculum/organizing feel free to contact me =)