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The DL on @Instagram

I'm often asked how I get so many followers or what photo edit app I use. The list of questions go on.. so I thought I'd explain what I have learned in the last 58 weeks of being on Instagram.

This is the screenshot of my IG Page at the moment. Yes I have a lot of followers but , most are ghost. We will cover that soon. Now I'm going to breakdown how to get on Instagram , get it going and make it GREAT!


  • Follow back when someone follows you (often called #followback with hash tags)
  • LIKE LIKE LIKE people's pictures. The more pics you like , the more known you become. Doing so also makes you a great follower and people will start giving you UNEXPECTED shoutouts --> (increases followers)
  • Remember followers faces or names and INTERACT with them.
  • Comments will get you far BUT only GOOD ones.
  • Use another photo app or double edit on Instagram. Kik me-crisc233 for further instructions on double editing.
  • Picture Quality is EVERYTHING.  Take lots of pictures and EDIT them. People LOVE beautiful pictures and don't really care about a cheap quality picture.
  • HASHTAG HASHTAG . Hash tagging  (# sign) will get you more views on your pics.


  • Don't follow to Unfollow so it makes you try and look cool. It doesn't and there are apps now that let people know your game.
  • Never EVER ask for a shoutout. 97% of the time you wont get one and people will be rude to you.
  • Don't WHINE about your life, people will unfollow you.
  • Don't be a jerk. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.
  • Never overload your followers timeline with your daily schedule. Sad but true most people don't care and will unfollow, less you have AMAZING photos.
  • Don't be a GHOST FOLLOWER. A GF is someone who follows you so you follow back..but then never likes ANYTHING.

For anymore questions email me or get ahold of me on Instgram