MAANGE Eyelashes Review #smellyproof

Living in a house w/ a man , teen boy, a 4 and 5 yr old and 2 dogs, I was more than happy to review a product called Smelly Proof Bags. As a stay at home mom, the cleaning mainly falls on me. We all know how kids clean *dirty socks behind beds so I thought this would be a great product for my household. When I open the product I wont lie I was sketchy on it. The bags don't feel or look like a Ziploc bag. Even when I tried to tear the side, it would not. The bags also had no smell so it's not like the trash bags that smell like flowers.

Smelly Proof Bags not only take care of pet odor and smelly gym socks, they have so many more useful purposes.

For this review I was given a sample pack that included

  • 10 XXS
  • 10 XS
  • 10 Vacuum Seal Bags
  •  1 Box of Small
  •  1 Box of Med
  •  1 Box of Large
  •  1 Box of X-Large
  •  1 Box of Oven Bags

  • My husband being the one that does the shopping/cooking was a huge fan of the box of EXTRA LARGE bags. We shop at a bulk store for meat so these came in handy for him to store all the meat due to the durability. Another perk is they are REUSEABLE and tear/puncture resistant! This is important in our home with 3 kids. We were keeping all the sandwich meat in a large Ziploc bag and after a few days of open/close the bag starts to tear. I can honestly say since switching bags it has kept the meat in the freezer, free from freezer burn and that speaks volumes for me.

    This upcoming April we will be taking a trip and I look forward to bringing the bags along for the dirty clothes. Nothing like getting home from a long trip and the smell of socks from 3 boys ;)  On the bright side I wont have to smell any of it till I transfer to the washer because these bags smell GREAT and live up to the name being "smell proof"

    To prove this I took a pair of the kids finest (dirtiest) socks and placed them in the bag. Let it sit for 2 days (which is a lot for my OCD) and STILL could NOT smell anything. Don't believe me? Try them for yourself! With the holidays coming up they also make Oven Bags that are GIANT size. Just something to think about =)

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