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Mom is A Dirty Word Documentary


You read that right. Motherhood is a rite of passage many women look
forward to - and while new Moms would never want to give up their
children, they often realize that what they have given up instead is
career, self-respect, and ultimately their IDENTITY. Titles they use to
represent themselves pre-baby: Executive, Manager, Artist, etc. are
transformed into "Stay at Home Mom" or "Working Mom."

MOM IS A DIRTY WORD is a feature documentary currently in production.
Directed and Produced by Samantha Rife, MDW explores the negative
cultural motifs and inflexible public policy that punishes Moms in
America. Through interviews with real-Mothers and experts including Ann
Crittenden author of "The Price of Motherhood," MOM IS A DIRTY WORD will
remove the veil that society has kept over our Moms for far too long.

As expert, Susan Maushart, explains:

"It is no exaggeration to say that we owe it not only to our own mental
health but to the very future of the species to take motherhood
seriously, to strip off the masks we have been wearing, and to see with
clear eyes and speak with open voices about the realities we



Gettysburg, PA - January 23, 2015 - Feature documentary "Mom Is a Dirty
Word" explores the negative cultural expectation of Motherhood in the
media and proposes that inflexible family measures in public policy make
being a Mom in the U.S. more difficult than ever. The documentary treads
on unfamiliar and controversial territory: from breastfeeding in public
and unscrupulous judgment of post-baby bodies to the ever-widening
economic chasm that makes one wonder if raising children is a luxury
only for the rich. In a nutshell, America is anti-Mother and therefore

"Mom is a Dirty Word" is the brainchild of producer and director
Samantha Rife. Through one-on-one interviews with Moms, Dads, and
experts, Ms. Rife raises questions she never considered before becoming
a Mother herself, such as: "Do Mothers sacrifice their identity for
their children? Is this their choice?" And, "Does capitalism put
emphasis on career at the expense of Family?" Explains Ms. Rife: "Of
course my husband and I expected certain challenges with the birth of
our first child. But I never imagined that society would challenge my
very identity and ability to support my family."

The documentary delves into what many claim to be the contradictory
nature of how Mothers are stereotyped. "American culture worships, and
at the same time demonizes Mothers," says Ms. Rife. "Once you become a
Mom, there is an implicit understanding that you can no longer be sexy,
that you're selfish for maintaining a professional job, or if you
stay-at-home - you're given a pat on the back for your sacrifice but
considered boring, less competent, and not worth listening to. "Mom is a
Dirty Word" demonstrates that Mothers are people: with real people

Currently in production, the feature documentary explores how Mothers
are represented in pop culture, including the origins of Mother clich├ęs
and "Mommy Wars" arguments such as "stay-at-home-Moms" vs. "working
Moms." The doc also illuminates how lawmaking decisions negatively
impact American families. "Sadly, I came to learn I wasn't the first
person to notice unfair treatment towards Mothers - that there is a term
for the prejudice: it's called Motherism," explains Ms. Rife.

Set to debut in 2016, Rife is excited to wrap up production on her film.
"Most people are surprised to learn that among wealthy nations, the
United States fails in almost every measure to support Mothers. And when
you fail to support Moms, you fail to support children, families, and
communities. Moms need more support - and it's going to take a lot more
than a Hallmark card. This film will make a difference."

A Kickstarter campaign will launch on January 23rd to raise film
production funds.

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Director and Producer, Samantha Rife, has been on both sides of the net.
While 8 months pregnant, Ms. Rife was laid off from her full-time
employer. Since then, Rife has given birth to two children - and has
negotiated between; SAHM to part-timer, to full-timer, and entrepreneur,
while caring for her husband and brood.

If you'd like more information about the "Mom Is a Dirty Word"
Documentary Project, or if you're in the DC, Maryland, Virginia, and
Central PA region and would like to be interviewed for an opportunity
for your story to be included in "Mom is a Dirty Word" documentary,
email the director, Samantha Rife at