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Changing your Relationship with Food Review from Plus Deal for My Readers

Product Details
'Changing your Relationship with Food' is a short, highly effective audio hypnosis session from

The modern world can put us under a lot of pressure, giving us conflicting ideas of what we would like to eat, and what we "should" look like. Sometimes we need to stop thinking about dieting completely, and instead start looking at food in a totally different way instead.

This session is carefully designed to allow your unconscious mind to choose your own, unique solutions to take control of your relationship with food. Make dieting a thing of the past, and change the way you interact with food forever!

What I think...

I've only listened once to the audio but when I went shopping I didn't buy a bunch of unhealthy snacks, I've avoided fast food for dinner all week by making it myself with fresh ingredients and got these cool ideas to snack plan.

With that said I feel this is a program you should listen to more than once and be somewhere where you can get into a relaxed state of mind for it to be effective. 

I had my fiancĂ© listen to it, he wanted Taco Bell after so I don't feel he was able to get relaxed enough for it to be effective. 

Unsure if this product is for you? has offered to give my readers a great deal!

The company offers audio on everything from smoking to over eating and has a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose giving them a try.

Check them out at