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#instapeel Natural Exfoliant Review

Summer time as well as winter usually cause dry cracked skin for a lot of people (me being one) so I couldn't wait to try InstantPeel *click to read my review disclaimer. The box came with single use packets and very easy to understand directions. They make it clear this product shouldn't be left on skin so once I took a shower I had to try it. With school around the corner I cant afford Pedi's very often and this product says it can be used on most parts of the body, so I picked my feet for the test...and made my fiancé do it too so I could use pics of his feet ha



My verdict is it definitely worked!

Product Details
The Instantpeel Natural Exfoliant is one of the most exciting, powerful yet gentle products on the market that is polluted with goods that promise beauty heaven, but deliver just a big price tag. This peel sticks to its promises, for a fraction of the money one would spend in a beauty salon. Instantpeel is easy to use while taking a shower. it is amazing how smoothly dead skin peels off without irritating healthy skin layers. After the short treatment, the skin feels soft and silky with a radiant complexion. I highly recommend Instantpeel to every one who desires younger and healthier looking facial skin.   Sylvia Janetski, MD               

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