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#natrogixbliss Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil Review

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love a good smelling home. I might be obsessed but that's only because I have pets and do not like my house smelling like a dog. So when I came across these therapeutic GMO FREE oils, I had to try them out *click to read my review disclaimer.

The Product....

Natrogix Bliss Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil

Things I like about it....

  • GMO FREE was the 1st thing to catch my eye
  • They come in a nice box set for easy storage
  • Not a fan of the orange as I think it's very strong but all the other scents smell great!
  • Recipe's to use in a diffusers OR as skin care and household cleaning like washing clothes
  • Comes with a FREE E-Book with 200 recipes 
  • Has 9 oils to choose from and a little bit goes a long way
So for me it's no more burning candles and melting wax (which can be messy if spilled) and on to therapeutic oils. Feeling stressed? Need a mood lift? Want fresher clothes from the dryer? Natrogix Bliss has you covered!

Diffuser NOT included 

Product Details

THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OIL SET – Natrogix Bliss holds nine (9) painstakingly extracted essential oils. Used alone or combined together in exquisite sensory recipes, these oils breath relaxation, joy and healing into any environment.
THE PERFECT COMBINATION – Natrogix Bliss contains the 9 most popular essential oils on the planet. These oils are popular for a reason; their properties are well-known and their wonderful effects backed by evidence. Bliss is the perfect gift, starter set, or expansion to a healthy collection.
DELICATE OILS PROTECTED – Cradled inside each beautiful box of Bliss are nine 10ml bottles with easy-use droppers. The gold amber tint of the strong bottles guard these precious, delicate oils from light and UV degradation.
HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED – We are truly proud of Natrogix Bliss, all oils are GC/MS certified, no pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or other additives are included. Experience in just 48 hours with Amazon prime.
FREE RECIPE E-BOOK – We’ve created 200 custom recipes for your Natrogix Bliss set, and you get the book free with today’s purchase. Discover soul lifting combinations that will intrigue you at first… and then become something you don’t want to live without!

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