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FitMotion Hand Exercise Band, Latex-Free Hand Expander for Progressive Hand Therapy Review

Having arthritis in my fingers can be pretty painful at times. You have swelling, stiffness and it's just uncomfortable so I had to try this product *Click to read my review disclaimer.

It fit's multiple size fingers (I tried it on my 8 yr old), it's super flexible (if it can withstand an 8 yr old using it)

Comes with 3 different strengths and definitely works your hands and forearms out 

Product Details
Who needs FitMotion Hand Band?
If you play golf, tennis, cycle, are a competitive powerlifter, strongman, weightlifter, Crossfitter, or if you drive, text or type, you are overusing your gripping muscles while under-using your expanding muscles. Expanding muscles are the muscles that open your hands. Undertraining these muscles cause imbalances that hurt performance & can cause pain & injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.
- Musicians
- Golfers
- Computer Workers
- Climbers
- Tennis Players
- Baseball Players
- Rock Climbing
- Weight Lifter

How to use FitMotion Hand Band?
1. Pick a "left" or "right" side.
2. Place loops over each finger, start with fingertips close together.
3. Slowly spread the fingers apart, hold for 3 seconds, then relax them slowly. 1 to 30 repetitions in three sets.

Resistance Level
- PINK: Light Resistance - For Beginners and Injured Hands
- GREEN: Medium Resistance - For Everyday Strengthening Exercise
- BLUE: Hard Resistance - For Advanced Muscle Toning

Tips: Simply wash with soap and water, if needed, dusty lightly with corn starch or baby powder to reduce stickiness

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