MAANGE Eyelashes

3D Magnetic Eyelashes by WEBSUN

I have always wanted to buy fake lashes but couldn't bring myself to commit to the "glue" part of them so I was excited for this review to come. (click here to read review disclaimer)

The Product

3D Magnetic Eyelashes by WEBSUN

My Thoughts

At first I was unsure because 1. it was my first time applying any lash to my eye 2. I didn't see this and was unsure how to do it so it took me 5 minutes LOL

Tips from me to you: Use both hands for these steps so you don't get frustrated ;)

The Final Outcome

I think they look great! Pretty weightless so I feel they can be used for an everyday look and not just a special occasion type thing.

About The Product

 Magnetic Eyelashes High Quality Material: Fiber Magnet size: 5 * 1 * 0.4mm Packing specifications: one pair of four packs Package include: 1 Pair of Magnetic Eyelashes (4 pieces)

Best of all NO GLUE! So no ripping my real lashes off :)  The magnetic false eyelashes glue free design won’t cause irritation to your eyes or cause damage to your natural eyelashes.                

With proper care, the magnet can be used many times, saving your money from buying more false lashes. It's like a magic, once you get them, trim the ends to fit your eyes.

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