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CaheAlaska Slouchy Beanie Review #AlaskaStyle

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The Company... CaheAlaska

The Product... This super cute slouchy grey beanie that adds to my great fall looks ;)

I like that hat is thicker and it also stretches to accommodate larger heads (not mine I tried it on a couple people LOL) I live in MI so the thicker the hat the better for fall and winter. Funny thing is the one that was sent my dog liked so much that she put a hole in it so I purchased a new one cause I loved it so much :)

You cant tell in the pictures cause the hat is still stiff from being brand new but it's slouchy in the back and if ours heads are the same size then your slouch will look like 

This hat was made for Women AND Men and comes in more than 1 color. Also machine washable. If you don't want the slouch you can fold it up to shorten it. The hat is super durable so men can wear it on the job to keep warm as well during the cold months.

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